Eleven Tungsten OPS Stick

The ancient samurai believed their warrior's spirit was housed inside the katana. These legendary swords were the finest weapons in the ancient world, crafted using advanced technology and the perfect blend of steel and carbon. Armed with such powerful equipment, the samurai ruled Japan for thousands of years and left a legacy for the ages. Will you join their ranks?

Introducing the Eleven Tungsten, a rink warrior's ultimate weapon. The Sensor Shaft features a multi-directional, 12k carbon fiber weave and a mid-kick point, while the Tri-core Blade uses carbon reinforcement for maximum force transfer. The result is ultimate long-range devastation. Combine this high-powered sniper with Comfort Grip technology-the elite fusion of horizontal fiber direction, a foam core blade, and double concave side walls-and it's no wonder why the Tungsten is the preferred weapon of warriors.




110, 100, 95, 90, 85, 80, 75

435g 66"

#6, #8, #15, #17, #23, #88, #92, #V

Junior 50 375g 58"

#6, #8, #15, #61, #82, #92

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Tri-Core Blade

Puck HandlingShot Velocity

Eleven uses Tri-Core blade technology for the optimal blend of strength and sensitivity. 

The Tungsten's blade is segmented into three foam-filled chambers designed to absorb surface contact force for better passing and handling. This is because the foam interior softens puck rebound and sends controlled vibrations up the shaft for enhanced sensitivity and touch. It has the responsiveness of a wood blade, without sacrificing consistency.

Layered between the foam compartments are two composite bridges. These strengthen the internal structure and increase the force transfer, resulting in a harder shot. A solid band of carbon fiber runs around the outer edge, fortifying the blade's stiffness and reducing the ability to pivot and twist for superior control.


Comfort Grip

Comfort Grip

The shaft features double concave side walls and gently rounded corners provide the ultimate in grip comfort without sacrificing control. The Tri-Core blade blunts surface contact for a smoother gameplay experience, while cross-directional fibers helps distribute force reverberation and diminish negative feedback along the shaft. When these comfort-technologies are combined in the sub-440g Tungsten, the result is like playing with a lightsaber: every motion is effortless and silky smooth.





Sensor Shaft

Sensor Shaft

A mid-ranged fiber density (12k) is designed to keep the stick as light as possible without making significant sacrifices to strength or durability. A multi-directional weave provides performance benefits, with longitudinal fibers transmitting contact vibrations along the shaft for optimal sensitivity while latitudinal fibers diffuse force reverberations for smoother, more comfortable play. 


Sniper Shot


The Tungsten is a long-range assassin, perfect for slapshots and one-timers. Its mid-kickpoint enables athletes to load greater force onto the bottom half of the shaft which, when released, acts like a catapult and launches pucks with tremendous force. The uniform shaft profile and regulated material thickness provide consistent performance for pin-point accuracy.

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