Eleven Sentinel Wood Goalie Stick

The Eleven Sentinel is a professional grade wood goalie stick. This ever vigilant protector of the net comes from over a century of manufacturing experience and boasts the unbeatable "100% Made in the USA" quality you deserve.

The Sentinel features two variations. The standard version comes with a laminated shaft with Armor Plated technology designed to increase its durability and playlife. The Curtis Curve option outfits the handle with a unique grip design to help protect the net from surface shots. This handle enables you to place the stick perfectly flat across the ice thanks to it's build-in glove slot — a curved portion of the handle built specifically for the goalie's glove. It achieves the same durability rating as the regular version by using an aircraft veneer (ACV) handle. Both stick styles feature Eleven's protective HiDensity blade wrap, which can be upgraded to Double Trouble XT for even greater protection.


Curtis Curve
Senior 64" 26" #101
Intermediate 62" 24"
Junior 58" 22"


Aircraft Veneer

Aircraft Veneer

The Curtis Curve variation features an exotic hardwood shell to protect the handle's soft inner core, providing the optimal blend of strength and performance. Aspen, a softer wood, forms the base of the shaft. This wood provides fingertip sensitivity thanks to its superior vibration transmission properties, resulting in lightning fast reaction speed and better gameplay performance. A sturdy layer of birch laminate wraps around the exterior of the shaft for added protection. This sturdy hardwood has excellent strength-to-weight qualities which enables it to preserve structural integrity without adding excessive weight. (Note: this option is not available on the standard Sentinel)

HiDensity Blade

HiDensity Blade

An ash blade core is designed to amplify vibrations along the shaft, resulting in greater sensitivity and puck handling. However, this is of little use if the blade can't withstand the high impact force of slapshots or the constant wear and tear of surface contact during play.

Introducing HiDensity Wrap, a specialized sheath of fiberglass, reinforced with targeted Kevlar inserts, designed to protect the blade from contact abrasion and fortify the structure against impact force. Unlike traditional wraps, which are folded from the bottom of the blade and glued on top, HiDensity wrap is a complete sock that provides 360-degree protection and offers greater integrity thanks to its unified design.


Cross-Grain Reinforced Shaft

The regular Sentinel handle features a cross-grain birch overlay shaft. Interlacing the grain angles reduces splintering along the edges, and minimizes the shaft's ability to warp or twist. As a result, the stick enjoys significant gains in overall strength, stability, and consistency. These benefits translate into a longer lasting, more affordable stick. It also means greater force transfer for improved clearing ability. Hard to argue with that!


Custom Options

An optional handle variation called the “Curtis Curve” features an offset grip angle that offers better blade control and allows the stick to be laid flat across the ice.


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