Eleven Classic Wood Stick

The Eleven Classic has been heralded as "the best wood stick in ten years!"

It is crafted from a premium blend of hand-selected hardwoods using manufacturing techniques perfected over 100 years by companies like Bending Branches, Northland Hockey, and the Christian Brothers.

The Classic may stand on a century of tradition, but don't think it's outdated. Augmented with a suite of advanced technologies--including a special fiberglass reinforcement system and water resistent adhesives--the Eleven Classic is rugged, relevant, and ready to play.


Senior 115, 100 68" #1, #5, #6 Natural
Senior ACV 80, 70 64"
Intermediate 60, 50 63"


Fusion Bond

Blades collect ice and snow every time they are in use. As the ice melts, water molecules seep into the internal structure of the blade. Every time the blade is exposed to cold, these molecules freeze and expand, and each time the blade is warmed back up, the molecules thaw and sink deeper into the wood. Over time, this damages the structural integrity of your blade. In fact, not only is moisture erosion one of the leading cause of broken blades, but it also wears down the blade's internal strength which negatively impacts the consistency of its performance.

Eleven's Fusion bond technology is an advanced, water-resistant adhesive designed to cut the problem off at its source. This specialized glue surrounds the blade's core in a watertight shield, which prevents water molecules from reaching the wood or causing damage. The result is a longer lasting, more consistent blade.


HiDensity Wrap

The ash blade core is designed to amplify vibrations along the shaft, resulting in greater sensitivity and puck handling. However, this is of little use if the blade can't withstand the high impact force of slapshots or the constant wear and tear of surface contact during play.

Introducing HiDensity Wrap, a specialized sheath of fiberglass, reinforced with targeted Kevlar inserts, designed to protect the blade from contact abrasion and fortify the structure against impact force. Unlike traditional wraps, which are folded from the bottom of the blade and glued on top, HiDensity wrap is a complete sock that provides 360-degree protection and offers greater integrity thanks to its unified design.


Armor Plating

Armor Plated

Most of the Classic sticks use a laminated shaft with vertical wood grain, designed to amplify the vibrations along the handle to help improve sensitivity and increase reaction speed. Unlike the ACV version, this shaft has no natural protective casing to prevent structural damage. Eleven remedies this problem by reinforcing the handle with a specialized fiberglass weave. This material is sealed along the exterior of the shaft, creating an armor barrier against the unforgiving elements. The result is a more resilient, longer lasting goalie stick.

Aircraft Veneer

Aircraft Veneer

The 70-flex and 80-flex sticks features an exotic hardwood shell and soft inner core for the optimal blend of strength and performance. Aspen, a softer wood, forms the base of the shaft. This wood provides fingertip sensitivity thanks to its superior vibration transmission properties, resulting in lightning fast reaction speed and better gameplay performance. A sturdy layer of birch laminate wraps around the exterior of the shaft for added protection. This solid hardwood has excellent strength-to-weight qualities which enables it to preserve structural integrity without adding excessive weight.


Custom Options


The Classic blade variation features a white ash core, HiDensity reinforcement, and Fusion Bond technology. The HiDensity fiberglass sheath covers the blade and hosel for added strength and durability. Fusion Bond provides a special water-resistant adhesive that dramatically reduces blade erosion for extended playlife and increases consistency.


Double Trouble XT

A special upgrade for the Classic blade, Double Trouble XT is an extra strong, super durable second coating around the exterior of the blade. This variation features a special Kevlar weave and second fiberglass coating to further protect the bottom of the blade and eliminate abrasion damage.

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