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Welcome to Olympus! We’re an online retailer specializing in ice hockey equipment, with a focus on showcasing new-and-rising brands that you may have never heard about before.

It’s important you’re able to find an ice hockey stick that’s comfortable and familiar, so naturally we carry traditional companies like Bauer and Sherwood. We also offer skates, helmets, protective gear, and a suite of specialized equipment from these brands, so no worries there. What we’re most excited about, however, is the variety of innovative niche brands. These companies may be small, but they are problem solvers who focus on providing the best ice hockey equipment in targeted areas.

Take a look at Harrow, for example. These guys have a passion for teams, especially at the junior and collegiate levels, and jump through all kinds of hoops to provide a fantastic lineup of ice hockey equipment and apparel. Having partnered with dozens of teams and countless athletes, their custom ice hockey sticks are being used across the US and Canada. Maybe their equipment will find its way into your home too!

If that doesn’t interest you, then consider BOA, the wood specialist brand. This company is fanatical about quality and legacy. Hailing from the manufacturing roots of the Christian Brothers and Bending Branches, their production techniques have been perfected over 100 years of hockey. All of their ice hockey sticks are hand crafted in the USA and come with a myriad assortment of custom options ranging from wacky handle shapes, like the 5-Hole, to team branded sticks, such as their Venom.

And then there’s Eleven, the R&D geniuses focused on innovating ice hockey equipment through technology and design. This group has explored everything from bamboo blades to flax shafts on their quest for perfect ice hockey sticks. They’ve been quoted as having the “best wood stick in ten years” and recently released the Guardian Goalieflage, a camouflaged stick for goalies. Their custom ice hockey sticks are some of the most versatile in the industry, with hundreds of blade pattern variations and the option to custom manufacture and design almost anything for a fee.

Of course, there’s more to this site than just ice hockey equipment. We carry a wide variety of brands in multiple sports. Zorian Bat Company provide several models of customizable baseball bats and Paw Printz feature sporting good apparel, like keychains, necklaces, and even customizable dog tags.

So if you’re looking for ice hockey sticks, goalie pads, roller skates, or products in a different sport altogether, Olympus has your back. We exist to empower you, the athlete, to succeed in everything you do. Take a look around. From our athlete profiles to the brands we carry, our company is here for you. Good luck shopper, we’ll catch you on the scoreboard!